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“At a time of surging ethnic nationalism, the legal struggle to prevent injustice against Palestinians is especially difficult. Michael Sfard is at the forefront of this struggle and his account is both a compelling story and an important contribution to understanding how battles for human rights are fought in the courts.”
— Aryeh Neier, former executive director of the ACLU

“Comprehensive, detailed, reflective, troubling, thought-provoking and rooted in universal human principles, The Wall and the Gate is the definitive study of the struggle for Palestinian human rights under occupation — a must read.”
— Naomi Chazan, former member of Knesset and president of the New Israel Fund

“The Wall and the Gate grapples candidly with the dilemma of working within Israel’s courts to achieve some modicum of justice for the occupation’s victims while knowing that doing so reinforces a system of injustice. It is essential reading.”
— Kenneth Roth, executive director, Human Rights Watch

“This extraordinary book tells the story of the heroic battle waged in Israeli courts,first and foremost for the rights of Palestinians, yet also for the soul of Israelis and what remains of the humanistic character of Zionism. Michael Sfard is one of the great heroes of this fight, and his book is as tantalizing as it is morally urgent.”
— Zeev Sternhell, Leon Blum Professor of political science at Hebrew University and author of The Anti-Enlightenment Tradition

“Equal parts history, legal scholarship, case studies, and disquisition into the moral contradictions inherent in using courts to challenge human rights abuses, The Wall and the Gate is above all an unflinching indictment of Israel’s occupation and the violation of rights that it represents.”
— Lara Friedman, president, Foundation for Middle East Peace

“Michael Sfard has the courage to confront his own countrymen in the legal battle against Israel’s occupation and the intellectual honesty to question whether the fight has at times done more harm than good.”
—Dan Ephron, author of Killing a King: The Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin and the Remaking of Israel

“A largely untold story of the fight against Israel’s occupation is the part played by the country’s human rights lawyers. Recounting the fifty-year legal struggle against such violations as deportation, settlements, torture, and assassination, Michael Sfard provides an intimate history of the occupation, as well as an honest reckoning with the dilemmas inherent to this quest for justice. This book will serve as an inspiration for all who labor in the field of human rights and seek to use the law to confront oppression.”
—John Dugard, judge ad hoc, International Court of Justice; former Special Rapporteur, United Nations Human Rights Council

“Engaging, highly informative, and thought-provoking, this is a book that only an activist, scholar, and top human rights lawyer like Michael Sfard could have written. It should be required reading for anyone wanting to understand the struggle for human rights in occupied Palestine.”
— Raja Shehadeh, author of Where the Line is Drawn: A Tale of Crossings, Friendships, and Fifty Years of Occupation in Israel-Palestine

“A book of immense courage, power, and humanity.”
— Philippe Sands, author of East West Street